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Our expert designed programmes address any area that can improve your mental health from exercise to diet to ways to manage stress.

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Every Circle Mentor has lived experience with the problem the programme addresses and is the proof that it helps. They lead the Circle, offering encouragement and guidance and sharing their own experiences on the way.

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Your Circle is a group of people who have chosen the same programme and the same mentor. Being able to share, learn and support each other is what makes our Circles work.

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Safety & Privacy

With Circles, your privacy is extremely important and under your control at all times. Your personal information is never shared by us, you choose what you wish to tell your Circle about yourself and you can remain anonymous throughout. Everything you say to your Circle is confidential, and stays within the group at all times. If at any time you have concerns about anything, your Circles Facilitator is there to help. For more information, please read our privacy policy.