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You’re not alone

Finding things hard? Feeling isolated? Don’t worry. It isn’t just you. Circles connects you with people who get what you’re going through. Because they’re going through it too.

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Have you listened to today’s audio? Jane’s story really resoates with me. I always feel that everyone else looks so happy and finds it so easy when I'm really struggling.
I know. it is so reassuring just knowing someone else feels the same way. I thought I was the only mother to feel lonely!
How is everyone today? Did any of you do the “wait, watch, wonder” technique from yesterday’s activity? I loved doing it with my 2 yrd old!

What's a Circle

Each Circle connects a small group of people at a similar stage of life, facing similar challenges around a relevant audio story. Think of it as your very own support squad.

Online micro-community

Safe and anonymous

Built around you

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It's been great to talk things through without any judgment. Jane
Nice to hear somone vocalising what I think we're all feeling Steven

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