We all have problems.

We all have problems. Some we can take to our doctor, and some we can share with our family and friends. But there are other problems that can’t be solved with medicine and can’t be understood by those closest to us.

Problems that affect our mental health like depression or anxiety, like bereavement or divorce, addiction or anorexia. They can leave us feeling alone and isolated.

This is where “Peer Support” can be so powerful. Sharing a problem with people that understand because they have experienced it too. Where people want to listen because it helps them feel not alone. Where people can be honest because no one is there to judge them. Peer Support is tried and tested, but is restricted to those that are lucky enough to find it themselves.

Circles was founded in 2016 to make Peer Support available to anyone, for any problem. We’re not a social network and we are not a public forum. We match you into small, private, facilitated Circles with a clear purpose around a shared problem.

The team

We are a growing team with strong backgrounds in successful startups as leaders, developers, marketeers and designers. The Circles team has decades of experience from Headspace, Teespring, Ocado, Sun, Unruly, Addepar and beyond.

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