Teams work.

At the root of so many of our problems is a feeling of isolation; we think we are the only ones to feel the way we do and that other people won’t understand. It is hard to know what to do on our own.

But we are not alone. There are always others who have been through or are going through similar problems. Who understand because they feel the same. Who also want to do something about it. And those people can really help us. This is what Peer Support means. The challenge is that it is often hard to find.

Circles was founded in 2016 to make Peer Support accessible for everyone. To make it easy for anyone to address a problem by providing both the “what to do” and the “who to do it with”. Each Circle is a mentored peer group created around a personal development programme. It is a space where it feels safe to share because you are with people who feel the same and where you are motivated to “do” as you have your group there to help you.

Doing anything on our own is hard. We know teams work.

The team

We are a growing team with strong backgrounds in successful startups as leaders, developers, marketeers and designers. The Circles team has decades of experience from Headspace, Teespring, Ocado, Sun, Unruly, Addepar and beyond.

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