"Everyone was open and I felt I could share anything"

Success Stories

Here what our users are saying about circles.

  • Jane

    An eye opener

    "I really liked it. It was personal to my anxiety as the other people in my Circle knew exactly what I was going through and were able to give really good tips on how to manage it. It was a real eye-opener for me."

  • Micheal

    Speaking without feeling judged

    "I felt Circles gave me a platform to say how I felt without being judged. I really liked the fact it was anonymous. At my fingertips, I was able to interact with others that are in the same situation as me. It's a brilliant app and I can see it helping a lot of people."

  • Olivia

    Being able to give advice

    "It's been a good base to get and give advice. I’m at a stage now where even though I get anxious and do get stressed, I'm on top of it. I know who to go to and how to control it. So this is a good platform for me to offer advice to people who are in a less fortunate position."

  • Paul

    Talking Openly about Anxiety

    "The best part for me was speaking with like-minded people who deal with things differently. I’ve had trouble with anxiety and finding people to talk to and understand how they deal with it has been very helpful. Everyone was open and I felt I could share anything."

  • Sarah

    The app is a lifeline

    "For me the app is a lifeline, just to know there's someone at the other end. Even if I am not texting, I am able to read everybody's view and that alone keeps me going. I know I can respond to the group later. From the bottom my heart, I can say it’s meant a lot."

  • Steven

    We all felt the same

    "I have enjoyed using the Circles app and found it really useful being able to openly chat about my experiences to others along with listening to other people. It was good to hear that we had all felt the same and feel 'normal' instead of 'what's wrong with me!'."